Laura (53 jaar), yogadocent

I began with Brechtje in the late year 2017 because I had been suffering from migraines for years. In 2010 I also had a brain infarct, in which one main artery tore and closed from inside probably due to the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.

These migraines began in childhood and intensified in  periods of stress . When I started acupuncture with her, the frequency was one migraine per month, sometimes more, characterised by vomit and a few days in bed. My energy was difficult to manage most of the time since 2010.

After one and a half year treatment my migraines are almost disappeared. They decreased to one every two month approximately and the last one was now 3 months ago. There is an understanding in me of how they came about and I trust that my body now knows how to manage its own energy and live without migraines.

Brechtje is highly skilled n her field and a warm person. Her humanity allowed me to open up my vulnerabilities and be heard and accepted with care and no judgement. She listened in details and her attention gave me the possibility to realise myself how these migraines came about and where the change in me was needed.

She has played a great role in my healing and I am deeply grateful to her.