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Jennifer (32 jaar), expat

I first started speaking with Brechtje as I was beginning the process of IVF/ ICSI. We spoke on the phone and already I felt at ease. At the time I was feeling quite alone (as an expat) embarking on this big journey with many unknowns and emotions ahead of me.  While I wasn’t able to see her during the IVF process, I had the great pleasure of seeing her regularly throughout my entire pregnancy (yes we got very lucky and fell pregnant on the first try).

I had a relatively symptom free pregnancy with the help of Brechtje. I had no morning sickness, I felt very physically strong and did not experience much in the way of exhaustion. Naturally the last month and a half I swelled up like a balloon, but I expected it and was grateful to have regular acupuncture appointments to help.

In general I found it immensely beneficial to have an alternative source of healthcare during my pregnancy other than the midwives. I am a curvy lady and in the beginning the midwife team (while very kind and professional) left me feeling like I was overweight and unhealthy. Brechtje reassured me of my good health and helped me to stop questioning myself when it came to my health decisions. Well, I shocked the midwives for 9 months with my near perfect health. I must have had a comfy home for baby because she did want to come out on her own and we underwent an unplanned cesarean section (a far cry from our planned home birth!). Nearly 7 months later we have a thriving little miracle girl who has two teeth, is already tiger crawling, and melting the hearts of everyone around her..including mine every day.